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Types of Surveys

Additional Services



Foundation and As-Builts

Site Layout Surveys


Tree and Wetland 


High Definition Laser Scanning

Construction Staking

Preliminary and Final Plats

Grading Plans

Land Planning

Master Development Plans

Right-of-Way Maps

Road Layouts

Subdivision Planning

Utility Easements

And More

Whenever you’re considering a purchase of residential property, it’s always a good idea to hire a land surveyor to perform a residential boundary survey, whether or not the lender or title company requires it. 

From locating existing property corners to replacing missing corners to completing full boundary surveys, our professional land surveyors and field technicians will deliver your desired survey in compliance with all laws regarding the preparation of land surveys in the State of Tennessee.

Whether you are a developer, builder, lender, owner, buyer, or a seller, we will cater your property survey to your specific commercial needs.  


The most comprehensive survey, which is frequently essential for real estate transactions, title insurance, and financial institutions for loans on properties is the ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey.  The ALTA survey delivers key information regarding boundaries, improvements, utilities, easements, flood zoning, possible encroachments and many other important aspects of the property that may or may not affect your property.


Our team has the knowledge and the extensive experience it takes to deliver a precise, accurate survey to our clients to meet the time frame required for closings. 


Let our team research and identify, what are sometimes hidden or lost, property markers. From the initial boundary line survey, to the topographic and utility survey, to your final site as-built surveys; our commercial survey department will help you with all your site development needs in a prompt, courteous and professional manner that our clients can depend on.

Our Construction Department provides staking and layouts for commercial, residential, and DOT projects.  Our expertise includes precision roadway layout, building corners, column corners, underground utilities, hard stands, concrete layout, grading, and teraforming.

Clint Elliott Survey’s Gas & Oil Department is steeped in the industry’s technology, requirements, standards, safety programs and the various areas of expertise needed to provide top-quality professional Land Surveying Services on any sized project. Our extensive experience in the Natural Gas Pipeline industry has proven to be an invaluable asset to our clients, especially when it comes to problem solving, interpreting alignment/ Issued for Construction plans, isometric plans, environmental protection plans, Civil and Mechanical plans and much more.


We offer superb surveying services throughout the duration of the project, starting with the bid meeting, to the kick-off meeting, all the way to the Notice of Completion. Some of our services include, but are not limited to; Route/Corridor Surveys for Transmission and Distribution pipelines (cross-country, or roadside), Construction Staking for proposed/existing pipeline easement location and/or clearing, Regulator Station layout, High-pressure Compressor Station layout and project management, Inter-connect Station layout and tie-in staking with fine-tuning, Project Control and bench mark establishment with provided State Plane, or Grid/Plant Coordinates and elevations, As-built Surveying that includes the recorded locations of all welds, Horizontal Directional Drills, Conventional Bores, Cathodic Protection installations, gas markers, sags, overbends, combination bends, right and left horizontal bends, joint lengths, heat numbers, wall thickness, pipe diameter, x-ray ID number, weld number, unique joint number, welder and x-ray professional’s name and employee number, breakers, weights, utility crossings, stream crossings, buffers, wetlands, protected areas, adjacent land owners’ recorded deed reference and property corners shown on the As-built Survey. We also produce the as-built survey deliverables once the project has ended.


We work in concert with the land acquisition firm to expedite easement acquirement, providing easement staking and exhibit surveys for each parcel being negotiated, upon request. We are licensed in Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina and Idaho and we have professional relationships with firms in many other states that we coordinate with when the need arises. We offer TDEC EPSC Erosion Control-Level 1 Inspection and we are NACE certified for Coating Inspection.

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