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Please Note: Each survey is quoted per job and is looked at through multiple lenses, including but not limited to: your lot size, vegetation, topography, scope of requested detail, and deed or plat history.


Client contacts Clint Elliott Survey to request a proposal, then:

1.  Request assigned to surveyor or qualified personnel.

2. Surveyor provides client a proposal and quote, along with consultation as needed. 

3. Client engages Clint Elliott Survey to perform work by paying the full quoted amount through a secure link embedded in an invoice, that is sent directly to your email. Land survey cost varies from property to property.  

4. Field technicians assigned to project.

5. Field technicians collect field data (marker locations, structures) on first trip, and then drafter draws the survey.  

6. Once boundary for the property is solved,  field crew returns to site with coordinates and marks corners. The pin sets sometimes happen shortly after the client receives the drawing. 

7.  Survey is reviewed by professional land surveyor.

8. Product is delivered in PDF and CAD formats via email. When the survey is complete and for an additional cost, we will be able to provide the client (if requested) a site plan illustrating existing/proposed structures, storm water treatment, impervious calculations and any other detail Metro will require for the permitting process. 

Breakdown on costs:

Our plat fee: $800/lot ($1,600 minimum), invoice will be sent on the first submittal, all subsequent revisions and submittals are included in this price. Additional info upon inquiry.

Site plans fee: $750 (if we surveyed the lot) $1,000 minimum (if we did not survey the site).  Site plan delivered within 2 weeks of receiving the construction plans after the survey's completion.

Hourly rate: $150/ hour to stake and pin the lot for footers and block layers, when you are permitted and ready to break ground, 

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